About NBF

The Nation Building Fund (NBF) is a private equity fund governed by using principles of sovereign wealth funds as the vehicle whereby the private sector can contribute to nation building initiatives. The nation building initiatives are based on the framework set out by the National Development Plan. Currently the government is contributing to the National Development Plan as measured by the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF) which has 14 outcomes. Outcome 14 is a crosscutting outcomes that requires the different government departments and public entities to contribute towards social cohesion and nation building. However in the private sector there is no collective vehicle that coordinates the private sector’s contribution to the NDP general and in particular towards social cohesion and nation building. Furthermore this is a perfect vehicle for the contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Different Funds of the Nation Building Fund

Education Fund

The Education Fund covers the education crisis facing South Africa especially in the higher education sphere. The focus of the education fund will be more comprehensive to cover the early school level phase up to the tertiary phase, which promotes whole being development of the student. This will be mostly funding that is grant based and non-recoverable in cash from the recipient of the fund, however there will be national service requirements linked to the fund. The Education Fund addresses the issues raised by the #FeesMustFall campaign but goes much further to even cover the pre-school imperatives

Creative Content Fund

The Creative Content Fund covers the creation of new transformative content that helps define our new South African identity in the post-apartheid era. This will cover both tangible content in terms of monuments, statues, etc. as well as intangible content such indigenous knowledge systems preservation amongst other things. This is a commercial fund that should yield a return in terms of recoverability of the investment made or in terms of the intellectual property that will be co-owned by the fund should the commercial returns not materialise. Indirectly the Creative Content Fund responds to the issues raised by the #RhodesMustFall campaign but goes much further by looking at the entire society and not just university transformation of symbols.

Energy Fund

The Energy Fund covers renewable energy projects that have greater job creation impact. Therefore the focus will be on biomass driven renewable energy projects that maximise the use of agricultural land using crops that don’t compromise the food security of South Africa. Furthermore the outputs of these project shall be electricity, green gas and green diesel. The job creation impact of the projects is in excess of 100 000 sustainable full time jobs in the short term.

Entrepreneurial Development Fund

The Entrepreneurial Development Fund is a catalyst for growth fund that will cover a spectrum of entrepreneurs from the conceptual phase to the venture expansion and growth phase. The development approach to be taken will be based on reality based entrepreneurship. Reality-based entrepreneurship program is a practical program that capacitates start-ups and SMEs to understand realities that face them when running businesses. The program unlocks wisdom and generates insights that are required to grow businesses exponentially.

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